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What We Do

The LiteBulb Group offers an end-to-end solution for major entertainment brands in a consumer product world. LiteBulb is an acquisitive company looking to offer retailers and entertainment brands an innovative global solution. LiteBulb is retained by multiple IP holders to deliver global retail solutions, as well as building their own retail brands and licensed ranges.

Key to the success of the LiteBulb Group is ‘innovation’ both in the creative division and on the product categories.

LiteBulb’s business model has already won numerous ‘blue chip’ clients from IP holders such as: Disney, Mattel, Universal and News UK to retailers like: Sainsbury’s, Tesco, M&S, WH Smiths and Debenhams.

The licensing market is now worth $192bn per annum globally, with the UK valued at $6.9bn alone. Retailers are looking for licensed product to drive their sales and LiteBulb is perfectly positioned to take advantage of this changing retail environment through its licensed ranges across a growing number of categories.

LiteBulb offers licensors a unique full service from idea creation through production and manufacturing in the Far East through to full channel distribution. This is proving to be a compelling proposition to licensors who are attracted by the turn-key solution that LiteBulb can provide.

As well as building organically and leveraging relationships with brands and retailers, LiteBulb’s stated strategy is to acquire complimentary businesses which can add further services to those that it already provides, further developing its license capability. LiteBulb has expanded its sales footprint via organic growth and strategic partnerships to be a global distributor.

The LiteBulb Process


LiteBulb Creative:

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LiteBulb Product:

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Case Studies

National Geographic Kids

National Geographic Kids

(1) We approached National Geographic’s licensing department with a view to expanding their brand with a range of different product offerings.

(2) We acquired their license and entered into a partnership with them where we could help them maximize their resources through our design, manufacturing and retail capacities.

(3) Initially, we presented a number of product options that fitted the ideas behind National Geographic and what it stands for.

(4) At the same time we developed creative assets including style guides to help market the intellectual property across a range of platforms.

(5) These were then worked into specific product ranges for them that were then manufactured by our teams in the UK and Hong Kong.

(6) With product development complete, the range is to be sold in by our sales team across our extensive retail contacts, including major and independent grocers across the UK and abroad.